Formal welcome to Project StepOne

Thank you for fighting the good fight with Project StepOne against COVID 19.  We are sending this to you to formalize your engagement with Project StepOne.


By signing up on this form you will formally become a member of Project StepOne. Use the form below to digitally sign off the volunteer engagement letter. If you want a copy of this letter or have any questions email


The Project StepOne volunteers’ community is now becoming like a family.  We would like to know a bit more about your motivations to join the cause.  This will help the rest of the team to understand & connect with you better.

We will only be displaying your name, photo, city, and social link on the wall of volunteers ( other information will be available publicly.

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Volunteer Engagement Letter

Dear Project StepOne Volunteer

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that our telemedicine initiative that had first started through a collective endeavor of a network of individuals is now formally registered as Project StepOne Trust.

As the impact of Project StepOne continues to scale across different States in India, I would like to formally thank each one of you for your efforts as yet and for your future contributions. The scale of our operations also requires us to acknowledge and commit to adhering to the following honor code and expectations:
1) As a volunteer in the charitable activities of Project StepOne, you agree to execute your responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner.
2) You will ensure good judgment and positively represent Project StepOne in all your interactions.
3) You will take good care of any resources and data provided to you as part of your voluntary work with Project StepOne. At the end of your assignment, you will hand the same back to Project StepOne Trust.
4) You also agree to use such resources and data only for work related to your assignment with Project StepOne.
5) You agree to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information that you may come across as part of your engagement with Project StepOne.
6) Your interactions with other members, stakeholders, partners, and citizen callers will be respectful and professional at all times.

As part of the Project StepOne volunteer team, you have been one of the warriors selflessly helping India fight the impact of COVID. While this volunteer assignment does not contain any monetary remuneration, we will provide you a certificate that confirms the details and impact of your contribution to the overall cause of Project StepOne Trust.

We formally welcome you as a volunteer with Project StepOne. I request you to acknowledge this engagement by providing your acceptance.



Raghavendra Prasad T S
Project StepOne Trust

As you are aware that Project StepOne is working in partnership with State Governments.  With this partnership comes the onus of ensuring that we manage the data and information responsibly & with care.  For this purpose, every volunteer of Project StepOne is also signing the following non-disclosure agreement.  Kindly review the same and sign off your acceptance.

(Request 2 weeks notice and handover of responsibilities - To conclude or sign out of Project StepOne volunteer engagement, please send a written notification to your - Project StepOne supervisor with copy to

By clicking 'Submit', I'm agreeing to the terms and conditions.

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