COVID-19 has displaced the lives of millions around us. Become a part of this initiative to empower our community in putting up a fight against it. 



We have put together a simple yet effective method to prevent over burdening of our healthcare infrastructure by providing concerned citizens an easy to use recourse for finding out if they have Covid-19 or not. 

You can call on our helpline numbers which will provide you with options to choose your symptoms, followed by a call with registered healthcare expert to confirm the findings. On the basis of these, our experts make recommendations to the individual as well as the government. 

Concerned citizens call on our helpline number and answer simple questions to determine if they have Covid-19.

An Automated IVR call flow will help citizens to verify if they have all symptoms necessary for their illness to qualify as Covid-19. 

Call helpline number

Answer questions via IVR

Talk to healthcare experts

Citizens who have all symptoms of Covid-19 are scheduled to receive a callback for assessment from our registered health expert. Future course of action is recommended to the government & the individual. 



A robust & scalable system to help citizens fight this endemic.

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