About Us

About StepOne


COVID-19 has displaced the lives of millions around us. Become a part of this initiative to empower our community in putting up a fight against it.


To create a world where no-one is deprived of healthcare


To blend technology and human resources seamlessly to provide healthcare access to those who most need it.


Transparency (Openness)

We believe that communication has to be open, honest and straightforward. Regular updates are available, on organizational matters, on feedback received and actions taken, on decisions taken and the basis of those. Everyone at StepOne has visibility of successes, failures, and new developments. We are open to collaborate with others for better outcomes, we embrace all who can and want to help.

Citizen first/ Patient first always

The citizen/user is at the forefront of all our work. We serve all equally and with dignity, irrespective of their background and privileges and treat everyone that we interact with, with equal respect. We do what is in the best interests of our service user without regard for other profitable outcomes, and even in the face of resistance or opposition from other sources of influence and power.


This is the ability to connect with the other, their emotions, trials and tribulations, and hold a supportive space for them. We believe that unless one understands the other, any service would be mechanical – “Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavathi”. Our actions, services and solutions are built on a foundation of care and the intention to serve and be of assistance to those who need it.


Every Role is MISSION CRITICAL. One rolls up their sleeves and does what needs to get done. Everyone knows how their work is connected/ contributes to the mission. Everyone is their own boss and takes charge of what needs to be delivered in alignment with the organization’s goals. We eschew hierarchical structures of power and volunteers are empowered to make informed, independent decisions that help us deliver beyond our commitments.


The key to our success is the commitment that volunteers show to their stakeholders, to go beyond the mundane, to be determined to overcome challenges and deliver beyond expectations. Commitment is also the quality of standing by what was promised and being seen as reliable and accountable. Small wins are Big wins.


Our existence is due to the critical nature of the crisis that has come upon us. The need of the hour is to be nimble and act and provide solutions at a quick pace that matches the demands of the situation.



Individuals & startups who have the courage to help our nation in these precarious times are precious to this ecosystem. We’re humbled to feature a rapidly growing list of these players contributing selflessly to this pursuit. 

We are what we do

- "S1"