COVID-19 has displaced the lives of millions around us. Become a part of this initiative to empower our community in putting up a fight against it. 


COVID-19 has completely displaced our lives and presented us with challenges that we're not prepared for. As a species, we're facing a severe crisis in the form of COVID 19 & it is a testing time for every citizen of the country.

'Crisis does not make heroes. It simply unveils them to our eyes.'


Bangalore is the technology and entrepreneurial capital of the country, a few founders, doctors, creative thinkers, and concerned citizens have come together to form a volunteer group called Startups Vs COVID-19 to help the government agencies and personnel to manage this crisis better.


We have created a COVID Telemedicine Helpline to empower the state helplines which are now overwhelmed due to a large volume of calls and lack of doctors/staff, which is only expected to increase exponentially in the coming days/weeks. This system uses cloud telephony and can scale the lines as the calls increase and have volunteer doctors (2800+ signed up) sitting in their houses to screen patients via phone for COVID symptoms and direct them to the appropriate government facility. This system will integrate with the existing government systems and workflows.

The efficiency brought in through this partnership will enable the 104 helplines to achieve public health outcomes. This will also help people access medical assistance without breaking the lockdown directions or violating instructions on social distancing. We believe if this is rolled out in all states we can prevent almost 500K cases in 2 weeks - so it’s urgent to roll out now. 


Individuals & startups who have the courage to help our nation in these precarious times are precious to this ecosystem. We're humbled to feature a rapidly growing list of these players contributing selflessly to this pursuit. 



Raghavendra Prasad T. S.
Co-Founder, Qikwell
Subhadeep Mondal
Cofounder, PregBuddy
Ganesh Chithambalam A. S.
Co-founder, Recotap
Rahul Gupta
Investments Manager, Times Internet
Sandip Mondal
Ex-Operations, Flipkart
Ashish Agarwal
Co-founder, Kaleyra
Santanu Sinha
Architect at PhonePe
Arun Patre
Lead Incubation, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation
Vidyashankar A. V.
Founder, Abhinava Group
Shivakumar Ganesan
Co-Founder at Exotel
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